Simple. Effective. Durable.

Designed with every detail in mind our "balance" notebooks are ready to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. Whether you are looking to build a Custom Notebook for your organization, or want to shop our Weekly Planner to whip your life into shape, we are ready for you.

Balance Founder's

  • Brodey Withers

    Currently I am attending school full-time, pursuing my business major, and working full-time in the sales industry. I have developed a passion for helping people improve their lives and better themselves while effectivly managing the different demands of life. This passion sparked the idea that led to what is now "Balance Time Management Systems."

  • McLain Mott

    As a former collegiate athlete, entrepreneur, personal trainer, volleyball coach and organization enthusiast, the principle of balance has always been an integral part of my busy life. I have a passion for planning, goal setting, and achievement, which has led, in part, to the creation of this little company. Welcome!